Super 8 Wedding Videos

I am so happy to announce that I am now offering Super 8 Wedding videography. The 3, 9, or 12 minute videos are a perfect compliment to film wedding photography. Not only do they scream 1960s baby! But they are dripping with romance & nostalgia while capturing in real time forever the love of two souls. 


If interested in adding this onto an existing package please email me & I will send over my video pricing guide! 


Joshua Tree National Park Super 8 Wedding 

*please forgive the cheesy song, it's a place holder until I find the perfect one*

Boise Train Depot Wedding Video

Ok before you press play you might need to grab some tissues because although this is just a little sample video as my gift to my first couple of 2017. It's a terribly romantic & beautiful little snippet of their wedding day. This couple was just so loving & amazing to be around you definitely can feel their love!!

Carmel Wedding Video-coming soon-